“Swap & Shop”

5:10 PM – 6:00 PM each Saturday

Submit items you want to swap, trade, buy, sell or giveaway to: wgaw1340@wgaw1340.com

SWAP & SHOP is a FREE service of WGAW1340.com and is intended to be used by our listeners to swap or trade, buy, sell, or giveaway personal items. Individuals and not-for-profit groups may use SWAP & SHOP, but should not be used by commercial businesses or advertisers. By submitting personal items to SWAP & SHOP you agree that the items are legally yours and that the phone number or e-mail address you provide SWAP & SHOP is yours personally. Any violation of this agreement can open yourself to a legal complaint of harassment. WGAW1340.com and SWAP & SHOP assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for errant information provided by an individual and is to be held harmless in the event of such errant information. WGAW1340.com reserves the right to disallow any SWAP & SHOP item submitted for approval. Only THREE (3) items per telephone call. On-air callers should identify themselves with their first names and towns of residence and provide one contact telephone number. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL ADDRESS on the air! NO Real Estate, including mobile homes and rental properties, such as homes and apartments. NO Business may use SWAP & SHOP, including individual services, or businesses run out of your home or from a store along the side of the road. NO Internet business sites. SWAP & SHOP items WILL NOT be taken by telephone outside of the SWAP & SHOP broadcast on Saturdays, 5 to 6 PM. WGAW1340.com listeners may submit items via e-mail. Items submitted with phone numbers will be used on the SWAP & SHOP broadcast, Saturdays, 5-6 PM and will be posted on the WGAW1340.com website. Submit SWAP & SHOP items to wgaw1340@wgaw1340.com SWAP & SHOP will not broadcast community event information called in during the SWAP & SHOP broadcast by individuals or not-for-profit groups. Those events should be submitted to WGAW1340.com’s Local Neighborhood Community Calendar by sending items, at least two weeks in advance, to communitycalendar@wgaw1340.com